Hi there! I'm McKaren, a drawer and writer of fantasy stories. I'm building a huge multiverse and a pretty large timeline of events to tell, in time. I'll keep doing it for all my life.

Currently I'm working on the webcomic Kings of Fire, which is a prehistoric fantasy and yaoi story that I plan to make at one chapter per month.

Another thing I love to do is animate, so eventually I hope to make some animated projects.

As I plan to keep making comics and other stuff as free content, you can support me by backing me on patreon, but just your appreciation is a very valuable thing to me! I love what I do but moreover making this my way of living, it means a lot that some other people connect with all this stories and characters that come out of my mind.

Well, you're free to check my blog, the webcomic, and you can also find me at social media.

See ya!


color sets for clip studio paint

Color sets for Clip Studio Paint

Many of us find a hard time when the moment of colouring arrives. Personally I always find myself more confortable drawing than colouring, so I had to fight that with theory and attention, but being sincere, when one tries to draw a coloured comic in a reasonable time, being perfectionist becomes an obstacle. So, speaking […]

the people who lives in the high of the trees

The people who live in the high of the trees

Haven’t you ever heard about the people who live in the high of the trees? In that case, I’ll tell you the story. There, the jungle is very deep and the houses don’t touch the ground. If you don’t look above, you’ll never see them. Let’s begin with this girl called Minu. Minu was about […]

the slave of time

The Slave of Time

Us, inhabitants of the Universe, we know many ways to measure time: by the moon, by the seasons, cycles ruled by the stars’s motion… But what would happen if there is no such motion? That was the reality that the Hell found at its far origins. An ageless land, infinite and flat, illuminated by fire, […]

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About Kings of Fire (webcomic)

Dragons are the natural rulers of their land in a time when the cold was ruthless, the food scarce, and hostility between these beasts was habitual. In such context, the mighty red dragon Asgall Salamander has to deal with an unexpected guest.
Genre: Prehistoric fantasy, yaoi
Age rate: 18+
Status: Ongoing
Updates: One chapter on every month's second wednesday

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