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Many of us find a hard time when the moment of colouring arrives. Personally I always find myself more confortable drawing than colouring, so I had to fight that with theory and attention, but being sincere, when one tries to draw a coloured comic in a reasonable time, being perfectionist becomes an obstacle.

So, speaking a little about my own path, if you look at the first chapters of my webcomic you’ll find that my colour palette changes like a schizo’s personality. Consider that I had some hiatus at that time. BUT, I was decided to find a more comfortable way to paint without being that a suffering, so I saw that I wasn’t taking advantage of one very simple tool that my drawing software had, and that is…


Basically, instead of forming every single color while painting, you have a spectrum of colours on hand, it makes easiest to paint something and avoiding weird colour combinations that crush the harmony. Of course, theory helps and it also depends on the set.

When I finally used it, I took some days in creating my own color sets by taking palettes from paintings or films that I like. I kept the gradients because the more colours in hand, the less risk to ruin it while modifying a new one. Ok, to be fair, there are people that enjoy making their own colours and improvising, I think there are moments to do each thing.

Well, the result is that from the fourth chapter of Kings of Fire until now, I’m using some of those palettes and it’s really handier. Here’s a little video from the experience of testing one of the color sets:

So, by the way, I recommend this tool. Just try to make some palettes before you get to paint a long comic project. If you want to check mines, I’ll be updating this post when I come with new ones. For now there are just color sets for Clip Studio Paint, but I may do for Photoshop too.

You can download all the color sets here.

Rembrandt’s “Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp” color set

Clown - Anatomy lesson Rembrandt-Anatomy lesson

Rembrandt’s “Syndics of the draper’s guild” color set

Clown - Pañeros Rembrandt-Pañeros

Rembrandt’s “Night Watch” color set

Clown - Nightwatch Rembrandt-The Nightwatch

Akseli Gallen-Kallela’s “First lesson” color set (watch video)

Clown - First lesson

Akseli Gallen Kallela-The First Lesson-1887-89

Enjolras’ “Reclining nude” color set

Clown - Nude Delphin Enjolras-Reclining nude

Enjolras’ “After tea” color set

Clown - After tea Delphin Enjolras-After tea

Enjolras’ “A bouquet de roses” color set

Clown - Bouquet de roses Delphin Enjolras-Nu Etendu au Bouquet de Roses

Enjolras’ “Les Lampions” color set

Clown - Crepúsculo Delphin Enjolras

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