The people who live in the high of the trees

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Haven’t you ever heard about the people who live in the high of the trees? In that case, I’ll tell you the story. There, the jungle is very deep and the houses don’t touch the ground. If you don’t look above, you’ll never see them. Let’s begin with this girl called Minu. Minu was about to give birth, and that meant that she had to pass a hard proof. The people of the trees don’t let live their firstborn. The mothers must to kill their first kid, break their heads against the rock; and what do they have in exchange? They must to breast-feed the little pigs rejected by its pig mother, breeding them like its mother doesn’t, and this is a great honor. After that, and only having fulfilled that duty, the women of the trees can to see growing their own children.

Minu was prepared. It is something known from an early age. Her’s child birth was imminent when her people went out hunting. Minu should stay, but something called her to enter into the jungle. After a while she noticed that her strength was leaving by the weight of her belly’s burden. Inwardly she begged for the retinue to pass by there and take her home, but nobody came and Minu was alone at nightfall.

Then it came the moment when her child would came to the world, and full of pain Minu lost her conscience. Without knowing if she was asleep or awaken she saw a huge wild pig with very big jaws. And she felt so small and helpless that she started crying, but then the beast went beside her and lay down to sleep, giving her warm and easing her pain.

When Minu had her son in her arms the animal disappeared, or it got lost in the shadows. And what did the do girl then? She knew that boy was the pig she had to care and breast-feed, and that’s why she named him Wan, that in the people of the trees’ tonge means ‘pig’.

Oh, what a disobedience she committed! But Minu had well clear that her place was with her son and she’d never go back home in the high of trees.

Meanwhile the people claimed Minu’s head and her firsborn’s, who should actually be dead. They didn’t get Wan but her mother. They devoured her, and thus they took away the only thing that the young boy had.

Since then, a curse fell over them; Wan, now taking the devil’s shape, filled them with hallucinations, with horrorful images, and if any of his mother’s murderers had the disgrace of meeting that spectre, they were devoured, their craniums broken in two pieces.

So, always that the treetops surpass your sight! Remember this story and be careful in your walk, that the nightmares that find you in your way don’t jump over your heads.

Written by McKaren

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